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Amazon Glacier vs. Zoolz

Amazon Glacier

1. Sign up for an AWS Account

2. Download and install an SDK (learn how to code)

3. Create a vault by signing in, selecting your region, naming the vault, triggering notifications

4. Upload to your Vault, by creating a program to use the API.

5. Either zip all your data in one big file, or place in your code your file selections

A screenshot showing how to archive data.

6. Execute the code

7. Maintain an index to map your files in the archive

8. Repeat steps 5, 6, and 7 for every change you need to upload


1. Sign up for a Zoolz Account

The sign up page for Zoolz Cloud Backup

2. Download and install the setup

A screenshot that shows Zoolz is downloading to a computer

3. Create a backup by signing in, Selecting what to backup, set your backup settings

4. You’re done, your backup will run automatically and take all file changes.

Cost for 1 TB

+ Code lessons or purchasing a software

Time to configure

Depends how good you are in programming; more than an hour

Cost for 1 TB


Time to configure

Less than 5 minutes

Amazon Glacier

1. Access your map index to find out which Archive ID you need to retrieve your files

2. Create a script to retrieve your data from the vault

3. Execute the script

4. Wait 3-5 hours to download

5. Download your files

6. Sort out which file goes where

A screenshot of a folder.

7. Place them in their correct locations

A screenshot showing how easy it is to drag and drop files


1. Go to the restore and select specific files you want to restore

A screenshot that shows files being chosen to be restored

2. Start Restore

A screenshot of a restore status

3. You’re done, Zoolz will restore everything in its correct location

A screenshot of how a slow restore

Cost for restoring 1TB

$1,900 +

Minimum to restore first file

3-5 hours just to get the files

Cost for restoring 1TB


Minimum to restore first file

0 – 5 hours


Amazon Glacier


Automatic backup of new and changed files –check_blue
 Restore time 3-5 hour wait, plus download timeZero Time thanks to Hybrid+
 Added costs check_blue$0 (zero added cost)
 Photo Preview for jpg and RAW images check_blue
 2x the protection with local check_blue

(with Hybrid +)
 Encrypt your files before leaving your machine check_blue
 Enterprise level features such as user management, deployment, policies and more –check_blue
Fully featured productcheck_blue