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Zoolz’ Import and Export Service

Zoolz’ Import/Export service allows you to securely send your data directly to our data centers; saving you time and bandwidth instead of transferring the data over the internet.

Zoolz offers two options to utilize this service:


Snowball Appliance: Zoolz will send you the new unprecedented Amazon’s Snowball appliance to ship your data on. This service is perfect for businesses that would like to transfer 10TB+.

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BYOHD (Bring your own Hard Disk): Send your external hard disks with all your data to our facilities, once all data is imported, we will wipe the disk and ship it back.

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Zoolz Import/Export Service can be used at any time; not just the initial seed and is available in the following regions:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Austrailia

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