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Zoolz Intelligent is the future of cloud storage. Upload any file and our technology will structure the files without you having to lift a finger. Think of it as a search engine for your data. And, like a search engine, you can find any file in a quick and secure way, allowing you to concentrate on what really matters; your business.

An icon to reflect the Discover feature in Zoolz Intelligent.


It’s happened to all of us. The moment you’re looking for a document for an important meeting but can’t remember the name.

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Ever wanted to stream HD videos on your cloud server without any buffering? With Zoolz, you get the whole picture.

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Computers can be replaced, your files can’t. In just a few clicks you can protect all of your files and access it whenever you need it, across all devices

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Our top priority is saving you money, whilst keeping your data secure and easily accessible

An image that demonstrates the capability of auditing that Zoolz Intelligent Cloud offers.


This tamper-proof solution will allow you to track all data searches, alterations, shares and deletions right down to the time and source of the action

An image of a laptop, tablet and mobile to reflect Zoolz Intelligent Cloud can work on all devices.


On a tablet or smartphone? All data can be discovered, accessed and shared on the go.


Documents, presentations, spreadsheets and scanned documents are indexed and sorted intelligently

Discover: Word By Word

It’s happened to all of us. That moment when you’re looking for a file for an important meeting but can’t remember the name. Now, you don’t have to. All you have to do is type in a word or phrase and voila! You’ll get a list of search results along with a preview of the sentence it’s used in.

Discover: Scanned Documents

Locating PDFs and scanned documents can be cumbersome. We’ve solved this problem with our Optical Character Recognition analyzer, which indexes all of your scanned documents. There’s no need to remember filenames when you can search by content. This feature is also available in 22 languages.

Discover: Search By Metadata

Zoolz Intelligent allows you to find any file by intelligently sorting data into categories; by date, size, owner, camera and even by color. Just upload your photos and the technology will create order from the chaos.

Media Aware

View, stream, discover and share videos, images and audio

Media Aware: On-Demand Video Streaming

Ever wanted your cloud service to offer streaming without any buffering? Well, now you can. By perceptively analysing the files you upload, our technology will create an optimised version of all your video files, making it available for streaming and instant sharing. Zoolz Intelligent also supports HD, 4K and 3D formats.

Media Aware: Frame by Frame

The days of sitting through hours of footage to get the frame you need, are over. Zoolz Intelligent extracts fragments of each video providing a summary, making it easy for users to simply hover over any part of a video to get a preview.

Media Aware: Intelligent Filters

Our technology includes a number of filters that make searching and organising files even easier. Upload a file and Zoolz Intelligent will structure it into various categories, giving you the freedom to filter by date, location, camera type and a whole host of others. You can also add tags to organise your files.


All data from any device in a secure cloud

Protect: Secure Cloud

Computers can be replaced, your files can’t. In just a few clicks you can protect all of your files with military-grade encryption and access them across multiple devices, with the security that every business depends on. Not an IT wizard? No problem, our platform is easy to use. We also have a dedicated support team who can help you every step of the way.

Protect: Global Access

Global access should be a standard requirement for businesses. That’s why we have data centers across the world. Clients and co-workers can streamline productivity and collaboration working on one secure platform. We currently have data centres in the UK, United States, Japan, Germany and Australia.

Protect: Powerful User Access

Losing data can be costly for any business. With our user access feature, you can take control of your critical files and ensure none is lost by granting specific users (or groups), the permission to search, view, share and delete data.


With mutliple storage types, save all data without the heavy costs

Save: With Hot/Cold Storage

Our top priority is to provide an affordable solution. But we also understand that not all data should be treated the same. By leveraging Hot and Cold Storage, you can cut your storage costs by archiving your rarely accessed data on Cold Storage, while having the rest at your fingertips via Hot Storage.

Save: Tribrid backup

Our 3 layers of storage technology is a unified system that can expand your IT capabilities. Whether you want to archive files in Cold Storage, have them readily available in Hot Storage or simply utilize Local storage, our Tribrid method can help your organization take advantage of the flexibility that the cloud has to offer.

Save: Media Storage

Zoolz Intelligent produces an optimized version of all media files (images, videos, and audio) and saves them on Hot Storage for instant preview and streaming. The original full size file is stored on Cold Storage for archiving.

Detect & Control

Manage users, configure backups, and monitor activity from a centralized web console

Detect & Control: Backup Policies

Automation is now part of every business. Zoolz Intelligent is no different. In just a few clicks, you can choose what to back up, set a backup schedule, throttling rules and other permissions, without having to leave the platform.

Detect & Control: Powerful User Management

We believe in transparency, which is why Zoolz logs all actions on the system. All searches, views, uploads, deletes, and modifications are logged with the time and user access information. This allows you to detect any potential data breaches in a swift manner.


Access, discover, protect, share, and administer from any mobile device

Mobilize: Mobile Apps

The ability to access your data on-the-go is essential for all organizations. With our free app, you’ll be able to securely share any file to any smart device, giving you greater access no matter where you are. The app is available on Android and iOS.

Mobilize: Responsive Web

Users and administrators alike can access the entire web console from any device. The web console is fully responsive and functional on any screen size that uses a modern web browser.

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