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Zoolz Intelligent - Cloud Storage Just Got Smarter
Zoolz Intelligent is the future of cloud storage. Built with artificial intelligence, it's designed to help businesses backup, discover, manage and analyze their data securely.
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Why Choose Zoolz Intelligent?

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud is a single-platform solution that uses artificial intelligence to instantly transform the way businesses can manage, access and protect their private data.


Coated with a layer of artificial intelligence, there are 4 key components that drive our end-to-end technology solution.


Find your files in a matter of seconds

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Our pioneering eDiscovery function allows you to accurately discover files by keywords and phrases.


Store your data in one centralized solution

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Many solutions claim that they can simplify your workflow and structure your data. We don’t make claims, we deliver.


Fast-track access to your business files

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Instantly retrieve your business files whenever you need it, giving users the freedom to work on-the-go.


The easiest way to safe-guard valuable data

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From the moment you upload any data, it’s protected with military-grade encryption, making it impossible to hack.

Simple & Easy-To-Use

We pride ourselves on building a platform that’s intuitive. Our central dashboard lets you access all high-level stats. This can range from storage consumption, bandwidth usage and user activity.

Innovative File Search

Time is too valuable to waste on ineffective file search. Our eDiscovery feature gives users rapid access to their files by analyzing the content and serving up relevant results in seconds. Simply enter a keyword or phrase and the technology will do the rest.

Watch Videos Like YouTube

Unlike traditional backup services, users can now stream their HD and 4K videos on-demand, without any buffering. In just a few clicks, any file can be shared across multiple devices, no matter the size! Zoolz Intelligent supports 100s of media files.

Preview Sentences In PDFs

Finding scanned files has never been easier. With our Optical Character Recognition software, users can search for files by keywords and phrases and preview sentences for quicker retrieval. This smart analyzation is done in the backend, doing all the hard work for you.

Zoolz Intelligent is the future of cloud storage.

Upload any file and our technology will structure the files without you having to lift a finger.

What Are The Benefits?


Time is money. Cut operational costs. Reduce the demand of IT support, while saving $$$ on hardware and data management.

Greater Transparency

The threat of ransomware is increasing. Prevent and eliminate the risk by tracking all user activity, right down to the date and time.

Data Organization

A solution that provides the necessary infrastructure to automatically organise masses of unstructured data quickly and easily.

Zero Data Loss

What does Netflix, NASA and Zoolz all have in common? We all use the same security infrastructure, ensuring zero data loss.

Who We Help?


Built for businesses of all sizes. Zoolz Intelligent is tailored for the legal, healthcare, accounting industries.


A trusted intelligent cloud with enterprise-grade performance and state-of-the-art security.


An integrated platform for media companies to discover, access and analyze their HD, 4K and audio files.


MSPs and OEM can start their own backup business with no initial investment, while having the freedom to set their own prices.


Zoolz offers an effortless solution for home users to protect and access their precious photos, videos and personal documents.

Our Global Partners

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Zoolz Intelligent is the future of cloud storage.

Upload any file and our technology will structure the files without you having to lift a finger.

Our Clients

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